Welcome to Gilan Khatoon Dairy Company

Are you curious to know how we got to this stage of production success? Our story shows you the way to victory

Eng Moein Asayesh

Sales Manager
Computer Engineer

Eng Ebrahim Asayesh

Food Industry Engineer

Mohammad Asayesh

Deputy CEO
Dairy field engineer

Updated technology

Sarasan uses advanced machines to prepare the best cream with high quality and variety.

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Received Awards

We have come to be the best. Recognizing ourselves as the "Master of Dairy Technology" is our ultimate goal

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Professional Team

Sarasan technical team is trained to the highest possible standards in the world.

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Category Instructions

We have three types of consumption for our products

Professional Instructions

A collection of professional recipes that maximize the taste of Sarasan cream. These recipes have been studied by professional chocolate makers, confectioners and ice cream makers.
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Simple instructions

Baking simple cakes is the best family pastime. A perfectly baked soft cake is one of the simple pleasures of life. Baking a cake at home can be as much fun as eating it if you have the right recipes!
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Clever and interesting uses of extra confectionery cream. Do not let your excess cream run out. Read more to learn creative, delicious and practical methods using our suggested methods.
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