About Us

Khatun Gilan Dairy Products Company, a producer of Sara dairy products, stablished in 1992 in the heart of the lush nature of Gilan.



In 1995 , Sara received the standard badge for first time in Iran.


TOP Manufacturer

This production unit was selected as the top Food producer in Gillan province.


Top production unit

- This production unit was selected as the top food producer in Gillan province.


Top Manufacture

Receiving a crystal tablet as the top producer of Doogh in Iran in the festival of drinks.


Top Producer

Producer of the best sample in the regional Dairy festival between the five northern provinces of Iran .



Get Haccp Food Safety certification.


Selected Thanks giving Festival

Selected for Thanks giving Festival , a popular project for satisfying 70% of Tehran ,restaurants.



Due to irregularity in the animal feed price as a result fluctuation in the price of raw milk and packing materials and grammatical pricing of product , the company decided to change the production line.


New Product

From June 2019, the company started producing various types of confectionery cream with the Sarasan brand and entered a new scene of work and production activity.From June 2009 the company started producing all kinds of confectionery cream with Sara sun brand and entered a new field of business.

Updated technology

Sarasan uses advanced machines to prepare the best cream with high quality and variety.

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Received Awards

We have come to be the best. Recognizing ourselves as the "Master of Dairy Technology" is our ultimate goal

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Professional Team

Sarasan technical team is trained to the highest possible standards in the world.

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